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Contact: Mr. Yang

Phone :(+86) 15050679922 

Customer Service: (+86)400-090-8088

Email:   stk@jsstriker.com

Website: en.jsstksy.com

Address: No.6, Chuangye Road, Yintu Town, Jinhu County, Huaian, Jiangsu, China

●   R&D

       Striker is committed to research and development of new products, always vigorously responds to market changes and is devoted to meeting customer needs. We strictly conform to the requirements of quality management system during manufacturing and examining process.

●   Test Condition and Equipment

       Striker has independent laboratory strictly conforming to the standards of API 5CT Annex I and is capable of conducting high-and-low temperature test, impact test, corrosion resistance test, vibration test, torque test, age resistance test and salt spray test.