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Contact: Mr. Yang

Phone :(+86) 15050679922 

Customer Service: (+86)400-090-8088

Email:   stk@jsstriker.com

Website: en.jsstksy.com

Address: No.6, Chuangye Road, Yintu Town, Jinhu County, Huaian, Jiangsu, China

After-Sales Service Commitment

On the principles of superior quality, competitive price and good service, Striker herein solemnly pledges that,

✔ Quality assured

· An independent mold processing workshop and a dedicated team of over 50 engineers and quality control personnel

· Capable of independently designing, developing, manufacturing and examining thread protectors and packaging frames

✔ Price assured

On equal competition terms, Striker sincerely offers the most competitive price to all its valued customers without degrading technical performance nor changing product parts. 

✔ After-sales service assured

· Service tenet— thoughtful service with professional team

· Service aim— customer satisfaction first